Stockbridge GA
Current Bids
Status: Open
Closing Date/Time: March 28, 2018 12:00 PM
Contractor agrees to furnish all supervision, labor, supplies and materials, tools, transportation, equipment and appurtenances (except as herein after noted) required to provide landscaping maintenance services to the City of Stockbridge. The city reserves the right to add or delete locations as needed.
Status: Open
Closing Date/Time: March 29, 2018 12:00 PM
Scope of Work: The City Council of Stockbridge, Georgia (City) requests qualified Contractors with proven experience in SCADA SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS to submit proposals for RFP #18RFP021918-CSI, SCADA System Improvements. The City is seeking a qualified consultant to provide The work to be completed shall consist of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials necessary to complete the electrical improvements shown herein including, but not limited to, installing seven (7) cellular based SCADA panels and accessories at seven (7) existing sewage pump stations and installing seven (7) RTU's in the water distribution system at the existing ground water pumping station, well sites, elevated storage tanks and valve station shown on the plans, reconnecting the SCADA panels, power and controls, modifying the existing chemical pump controller at the ground water pumpstation, modifying pump control panels, mounting antennas, replacing flow transmitters and sensors, replacing pressure transducers, adding circuit breakers in the existing pump control panels, extending cables and conduit as required, installing an 8" butterfly valve and actuator, installing concrete pads, extending the existing Unistrut support, demolition, and other appurtenances necessary to provide a complete installation.
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